Mike Walmsley's Pinnacle Club

Peer-to-peer learning for ambitious recruitment directors

What is the Pinnacle Club?

Imagine having your own board of directors with only one vested interest – how to make you more successful.


Imagine having access to industry experts who share their secrets willingly on a range of topics you need help with to take your business to the next level.

Imagine if you could ask the owner of a non-competitive recruitment company ‘how did you achieve success in that area?’ – and how can I achieve the same level of success?

Mike Walmsley’s Pinnacle Club is not for the average recruitment company owner. It is designed for people who want more out of their life and their business. It’s designed for the curious, the determined and the ambitious. If you are looking for support in growing your business to new heights – whatever that means to you – then Mike would like to speak to you about how the Pinnacle Club can help you reach them.

Location and dates

All sessions take place bi-monthly at 1 Paternoster Square, St Pauls, London.

2019 upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday 27th Nov - 9am-1pm

2020 upcoming dates:

  • Dates TBC

£299 per month, per delegate*

*Membership is submit to approval from existing group members if there is a clash in recruitment sector.

Please enquire below to speak to us.


+44 (0) 203 056  0250

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