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What to expect

100s of big billers around the world attribute much of their success to the techniques they first learned from the original SuperBiller™, Mike Walmsley, via his online videos at or at his inspirational live events.​

During these 12 powerful recruitment training workshops, Mike reveals exactly what it takes to become a top performer – and why the recruiters that consistently apply his techniques, approaches and SuperBiller™ philosophies, bill £10,000s or £100,000s more than their peers.

"The content and delivery is the best and most valuable I have seen in 12+ years in recruitment.

I am billing around £400k at present..."

PC, Amoria Bond


Finding star candidates for free

Revealing how to create an unbeatable and predominantly free candidate generation strategy.

Prove your service is superior without using a USP

Powerful techniques to overcome objections and unlock doors into new clients.

£50,000 extra fees for no extra effort

Learn how to position your fight on the value battlefield, rather than the price battlefield.

Exclusity and retainers

This high-impact session will teach you how to close for exclusivity or for a retained search.

Turbo-charge for business development

Discover new ways to win business more easily, and make placements your competitors will miss.

Traits of the World's top recruiters

Learn the common traits of peak performers and be inspired to smash your targets.

Close 9 out of 10 times at client meetings

This thought-provoking session will teach you how to close at meetings and build a loyal client base.

How to headhunt anyone

Equip yourself with the skills to convince passive candidates to consider your roles.

Fill more vacancies - guaranteed

Build a competitive advantage by learning how to professionally control your clients.

Interview secrets of the big billers

Save hours of time and reduce the risk of placement failure, as well as closing the best candidates exclusively.

Secrets of time management in recruitment

Learn how to bill 10 times more than your peers in the same marketplace with the same skills.

Major account development and PSLs

Learn the techniques to turn your larger existing clients into multi-£million cash generators.


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