Building a £multi-million temp/contract desk

What to expect

Having a successful temp/contract desk in your recruitment business can add multiples to your business' value, as well as making it more resilient against a market downturn.


Join Mike for this live event to learn the insider secrets of how to build a £Multi-million temp/contract desk. Whether you're just starting out in temp/contract recruitment, or looking to expand your current desk, this all-day session will set you up for a successful 2020.

"We have added £5million worth of business as a result of working with Mike"

MD, Gap Personnel


Topics covered

Traits of temp/contract recruiters

Discover the mindset and attitude needed to be successful at running a high volume temp/contract desk.

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Closing and rate negotiation

Powerful techniques to overcome objections and secure business with maximised margins.

Woman Typing
Find out who is recruiting for temp and contract roles

Proactively uncover temp/contract business through a variety of strategies.

Patentability Search
Sourcing the best temps and contractors

Learn proactive methodology to find and engage with the best candidates in your market sector.

Business Meeting
Establishing a need

Prove that you can save employers time and money through a 5 step process.

Job Interview
Maintaining relationships with candidates & clients

Reduce the risk of temps letting you down and build a loyal network of candidates and clients.

The phone is your friend
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